what do i do about my younger sister who has hygiene SO BAD that its a MIRACLE that i havent caught swine flu yet?! she’s absolutely DISGUSTING. she doesnt wash her hands in the bathroom, sometimes she goes for 2-3 days without taking a shower, and when she does take a shower, she rubs soap directly on her armpits and ….u know….private area….i know ur supposed to clean those areas but u dont rub the bar of soap directly in those places and i HAVE TO share a bathroom with her and my parents wont let me use separate soaps so i have to use the soap that she rubbed her ***** with!!
and if she doesnt wash her hands in the bathroom, think about how many germs we have in our home!!! its nauseating to think about it! but there are only two bathrooms in our home and one of them is for my parents so we have to share this one. i cant make her set down and lecture her cuz it wont help at all. she’s 11 yrs old.and she’s VERY immature for her age. i mean…there are a lot of immature 11 yr olds…but my sister is so immature that there’s a good chance that she has some kind of mental problem. stuff wont sink into her head. so no matter how much i explain to her, she wont listen. and she’s very stubborn and gives me an attitude. if i tell her not to do something, she does it even more just to bug me. so….
WHAT DO I DO ABOUT IT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant stand this kind of hygiene. i am kind of a germaphobic, but its reasonable for me to be upset in this kind of environment. but her hygiene is going to make me, the rest of my family and and even her friends sick, and like i said before, im shocked that i didnt get swine flu or any other sickness yet…
and my parents wont listen…they say im overreacting…
so what should i do about this disgusting girl who i cant even teach?!
have u ever been in this situation with a sibling, spouse, roommate, etc….?

oh and i’m not old enough to buy my own home yet so thats not an option… -_-

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