Grandfather was in WW2 Is there anyone interviewing WW2 vets to document and save their stories?

My Grandfather tells stories from time to time. He was a merchant marine carrying war supplies from America to Europe and has told many stories of run ins with German submarines. One more notably was when depth chargers woke him, I am guessing at night, along with sirens telling them to man their battle stations. He said they were waiting on orders to fire from a rough tough officer when the ship next to them that was carrying fuel exploded into a great fireball. In the distance on the doomed ship right before it exploded he saw five sailors running across the catwalk, all engulfed in flames. When the ship began to sink he said the pressure of the vessel going under forced up the German sub out of the water. " To this day I can still see the red swastika clear as day on the sub" he said. He looked over at the officer and saw he was white with fear and no one got the order to fire. His ship was carrying bombs and if his ship would of been hit, it would have sunk every ship within a mile. I believe Merchant Marines are one of the many unsung heroes of WW2. Percentage wise they lost more men or so that’s what my grandfather has told me.

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