hair dye or soap in eye?

i was rinsing out my hair in the shower (i rinsed the dye out in the sink prior, but due to it being an abnormal color, the dye happens to run for quite awhile.) my head was back rather than facing down and letting the dye run down my face, although there was dye running on my face somewhat anyway. i also had a bensol peroxide (essentially an acne preventing bar of soap which dries out skin) on my face. randomly, something apparently got into my eye and it started burning fairly bad. not unbearable, but not pleasant. the soap didn’t have instructions on what to do if it happens to get into your eye on the container, just to keep it away. the dye had a similar warning. i know dye isn’t supposed to be used on eyebrows or eyelashes for the very reason that it could easily damage your eye. (i hadn’t dye on eyebrows or eyelashes, by the way.) the burning subsided after a bit towards the end of the shower. i rinsed my eye (closed my eye and made sure the water was going into the tear duct, where it seemed to hurt mostly and pull back the skin with my fingers) my vision appears to be fine and my eye looks entirely normal. is there any concern i should still have and is there anything i should now do to my eye or should i make the assumption that since the burning and pain stopped that whatever was in it is not anymore? please don’t recommend going to the doctor, i’m quite aware that i have such an option.
the water didn’t get in my eye while i was rinsing in the sink, i did so because cold water closes the hair’s cuticles quicker, yet it’s winter and currently too cold to have ice water in the shower. none the less, it didn’t feel as if it was water or even shampoo or conditioner, but either dye or the benzoyl peroxide (or a festive combination of both.) i contacted poison control as well who mentioned it wasn’t a good situation, but if i wasn’t experiencing anything worsening, then i was generally okay to go to sleep.

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