Have you ever been "checked out" by someone of the same Gender?

I was just wondering, how often this happens…

Yesterday, when I went into a public bathroom at a restaurant to wash my hands. I remember standing near the sink, right in front of the mirror. I could see whoever passed behind me. But the Womens’ restroom was fairly lonely now, and seemed to be occupied by only me.

Then this women gets out of one stall and I, unknowingly, stayed put…she appeared to be waiting in like for the sink, but she continued to give me these enticing "leers" (you know, the flirty kind you get at the bar sometimes or at a club?) Anyway, she was almost certainly a lesbian, without question; the rainbow crew-cut and the multiple piercings were just indicators. I wasn’t offended, but it felt kind of odd lol… Because I’m not a lesbian, even though I dress like one and come off as one oftentimes. I got promptly nervous and left blushing a bit.

How often does this happen to non-homosexuals? Is it normal that I felt kind of odd, even though I’m bi?

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