having issues with my marilyn monroe piercing, help!?

I recently had the piercing done and it was painless and it did not bleed. It was very swollen and stayed swollen for alomst a week. The bar seemed to be to short, I got a second opinion from another piercer and he said the piercing it self looked just fine but yess the bar was to short. Eventually the sweeling went down and it didn’t bother me as much. I kept it clean as I was supposed to and it seemed to be healing fine although the back of the piercing it looked as though the plate was sinking into my lip the skin was kinda covering one side but it never hurt or botherd me. Then one day out of nowere my mouth starts to fill up with blood and it keeps coming out of both sides of the piercing hole and this continued for 5 mintues it was a lot and then it just stoped. I did not take the piercing out but I’m wondering if I should. It seems to be fine its not sore of nething but I did examine the inside of my lip and I’m not even sure what’s its supposed to look like but it does feel like the plate it diggin in to my lip when I rub over it with my tounge but only one side of the plate. Whay do I need to do

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