Heat sink question for a gaming PC build?

Hello, I’m wondering if I absolutely need to upgrade my heat sink with the following build:

Case: NZXT Phantom
Intake fans: 4 – (Side) 200mm, 120mm x2, (Front) 140mm
Exhaust fans: 3 – (Top) 200mm x2, (Rear) 120mm
*Fans are 1500rpm and cables are managed behind the scenes
**My power supply is also a low mount, with an additional 140mm blowing air towards the GPU/Mobo

The air flow is tremendously good and cold (I seriously have to wear socks and shoes when I play).

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3
CPU: Intel i5 2500k
Heat sink: stock i5, copper base, aluminum with a 600rpm fan
*using Arctic Silver 5 to get the most out of it (and avoiding playing long periods of time till I get a sure answer or I upgrade it)
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 ti
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4gb 1600mhz x4
Power: 600w

Overclocking: No. I don’t need to with the 3.7 boost, honestly.

So with everything added up, should I really bother spending more money on a new heat sink or should I keep the stock with a copper base (It would’ve been gone out of the box if it didn’t) with the great airflow I have and the fact I won’t be OC’ing? One major problem is most after market sinks are to big to fit in with my 200mm fan.

If you believe I should get a new one, suggest one, as long as it’s not a tower or high raise type. I’m not dropping the side 200mm (Newegg preferred).

Feel free to go in depth in to your answer, I’m all ears.. Erhm, eyes.
@David W: No dust gets in my PC, the exhaust fans are slightly higher power then the intake fans via volume control to prevent this with the added support of filters. Thank you for your answer though.
@West Side: Thank you for the link and the suggestion. Unfortunately I believe that heat sink would be slightly to large, I will look in to the Fan Dimensions when I’m able to get down and measure it with more light then I have right now. If it does fit, comfortably, I will probably purchase it as it’s been suggested by others outside of the web.

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