Help! How can I get my dad into a better house with little or no money?

Other than something like Extreme Makeover Home Edition or something…. My father is extremely deserving, he’s worked hard his whole life and everywhere he’s turned he’s basically been shit on. He’s lived in the same house his entire life, struggles with smoking, and therefore the house he is in smells like an ashtray because of the fact that for a long time, he was in a depression since he lived in his little house all by himself. My mom cheated in him, for no reason, and basically stole everything from him in the divorce process. Now he has a girlfriend, the two of them have been living together for a long time, and based on how the two of them have worked with each other i can pretty much guarantee they’ll be together for the rest of their lives. But she is on disability with the government due to sever post traumatic stress disorder, which she has due to an extremely rough past. But the two of them are trying so hard to get their stuff together, no linger smoking in the house, trying to clean all they can…. But the house they’re in is such a mess now, it really can’t be fixed. And my dad now works in a factory, so he’s making some money, but he doesn’t havw the time to do anything big around the house, like fix the broken sink or repair the useless bathroom, steam the stained carpets, get rid of the black mold residing within the drywall, get rid of the raccoons in the attic…… The list goes on and on. He deserves better than this, but he’s so humble and generous he can’t face the fact that he shouldn’t be in this house. Is there a way I can get help for him? I need a way to just tear down his house, toss out all the old furniture, and build him a new one with the things he needs. So…. I guess what I’m asking for is almost a fairy tale. But it’s getting bad. How can I help him?

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