Help me come up with Rules to fight socialism for Republicans…. IE Pull children from Public schools!!?

Stay off Public Roads and Highways. Only Travel on private roads or private property.
IE Walk the side of the road only on private property, do not step foot on anything public

Pull your children from Public Schools immedately, home school them or send them to
Private schools…

Contact your local police department and tell them not to respond if there is a call or emergency
at your residence. Same goes for the fire department.

Stop using your shower and tap water. Showers and sink’s use municipal water. Bath in private water… IE Bottled water, Rain water is free of course, you can also bath in puddles and creeks around your property of course.

Stop using United States Currency as it was printed and paid for by the Government. Use Tea party money, You should call your local landlord and utility companies and explain to them that you are no longer going to be sending payments in the form of US currency. I guess you could use a credit card. Or Bank card. Or Tea Party money if they accept it.

Do not watch public news channels or shows. IE PBS.

Do Not eat USDA Approved Foods and goods. You must raise and use your own food. Non Regulated of course, you will have to learn how to inspect the meat yourself, or take the meat to the butcher, ( STAY OFF THE ROADS WHILE YOUR GOING THERE, WALK ON PRIVATE PROPERTY OR DRIVE IF YOUR NEIGHBORS DONT MIND)

Only Receiver mail or send mail using UPS, DHL, FED EX, or any non USPS Company

Please help me come up with some other Rules ! Thanks!

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