Help me get out of a terrible lease!?

Last Feb, I signed a year lease on an apt. My landlord now refuses to repair anything. For example, the oven stopped working and after several calls, he still wont do anything. The lock on the front door was not working properly and even though he informed my wife one day that he would be by to fix it around 6:30 pm, he did not show up until after 10:30 pm. The back windows leak heavily, which we were not informed about, so we get pools in the kitchen every time it rains. A couple outlets were faulty and we had to repair them ourselves because he wouldn’t. There is an up stairs unit that regularly leaks into our bedroom, as well as other leaks in the walls and ceiling. I am also highly concerned with the over-all safety of the grounds. There are large uncovered sink-holes and underground stairwells. The rent was also highly deceptive to us, because of the old fridge… our electric bill is costing us a fortune each month even with no A/C. This place has become my living hell because after I signed the agreement, my landlord is unwilling to do any of his part.

Also another very major concern of our is that there is a lot of leaking through the ceiling and walls. Brown discoloration and bubbling of paint is common. There is a thick and heavy musty / Earthy smell that is always present in our apt and it is quite unpleasant. Is this mold? Can we use any the above reasons to get out of this contract early?
I am also very concerned that there might be mold. How might I use this as leverage? I am also concerned about my health too in the process. The musty smell is very strong and it has been an unseasonably wet winter and spring in my area (it actually raining again today). I bought an air filter because I was concerned. The ‘new paint’ that he put down before we moved in is already bubbling and pealing. The upstairs bath and water heater also leak occasionally. Even though there is only slight brownish-yellowish stains / discolorations in consistently wet areas, it doesn’t look like mold, but I guess I don’t really know what I would be looking for. Wouldn’t most of it be hiding in the insulation / dry wall? I feel much of the new paint maybe he applied right before we moved in was a ploy to cover mold problems and or make them less obvious. The heavy earthy /musty smell combined with the unusually wet weather and barrage of leaks made me believe that mold maybe a problem.

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