HELP my KITCHEN has fallen completely apart and I don't have enough money to get it remodeled.?

I have several cabinets that have fallen off the wall, the sink base cabinet is supported by two tow-by-fours because it is severely warped. my kitchen floor is peeling all over the place, I have gotten several estimates to get it completely repaired and updated but I do not have the money… Besides monthly bills I have 3 children I work part time and my husband work two part time jobs and we have been dealing with this kitchen for over 2 years now and it is getting worse.. I have 0 in my 403b but I can not take that out in the form of a loan or hardship… my savings is exhausted and my credit is shot… any suggestions on what I can do to get this kitchen fixed…I have tried to save but to know avail I even need the floor repaired to make it leveled… I am looking for some creative suggestions.

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