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A sickening feeling entangled my heart as I glared at a man leering at me. He had straight blonde hair and glittering dark blue eyes similar to the color of the seas. The man’s face was long and narrow, and twisted into a mischievous smile, like a kid you’d see on a magazine’s front cover. As we stared at each other, I felt my distaste turn into immense desire. A burning sensation ripped through my body as our staring continued. My heart felt like it was on fire; the flames stirred by his good looks and intense gaze.

His long legs began to stroll toward me.

My heart sunk in surprise as if it were drowning in my own body. My jaw dropped to the floor as I admired his confidence and grace. Nervousness rose within me. My jittery heartbeat intensified. The palm of my hands became a pool of sweat. I swallowed hard and drew in a deep breath. I watched him tuck his hands in his black jacket. His heavy, sprightly cologne wafted through the air and grasped my attention. My eyes widened.

“Why, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” He growled in a seductive, playful tone once he reached me at the end of the dimmed bar. His innocent blue eyes shut a bit as he peered into mine, obvious passion arising in them.

“No, I’m not that beautiful, really.” I said, staring at the ground, warmth filling my pink cheeks. A wave of intimidation swept over me, cluttering my mind with irritating thoughts. All of a sudden, he wrapped his arms around my waist and enclosed all space between us. His stare was to my chest, revealed by my loose red blouse. He rested his hands on the sides of my hips, his gentle touch sending shivers up my spine. I was very slow to react what he was doing. But I didn’t want to move. I was allured, attracted.

A light yelp escaped my lips as I wiggled out of his arms. He frowned, saddened by the distance between us. Suddenly, my high-heel got caught on a crack in the wooden floor, and I lost my balance. My spidery long leg snapped awkwardly at the ground, as if my legs couldn’t carry me. As I was about to fall, he caught me in his muscular arms.

My whole body became rigid with instinctive rebellion.
“Don’t touch me!” I barked, hardening my jaw and tightening my fuming eyes. His blue eyes got big, but they eased in tension. He captured my focus, my eyes, and I was hooked. He began to linger toward me again, as if he was a snake, about to strike me.

“…Don’t…” I tried to speak. “Don’t touch me…” My words were a faint whisper, not assertive or demanding at all. The boy’s features became flawlessly smooth. A smirk crossed his lips. He tilted his head in what I would assume to be because of curiosity.

“Relax.” He breathed slowly, placing his arms around my waist again, sinking them into my skin. I gazed at him, amazed, the anger beginning to leave my stormy eyes. My skin became thick with warmness.

His next action was unpredictable.
He grabbed my head of hair and brushed it away from my eyes. His free hand slid along my spine. He suddenly pulled me close again. I jolted into his body. He suddenly grabbed the apples of my cheeks and pulled my face toward his. He crushed his starving, ferocious lips against mine.
A whirlwind of excitement rushed through my body.

At first, because of this, I couldn’t breathe. He moved his lips over mine, sucking with desire. His lips were plump and soft, similar to my own. The taste of his lips made me quite frisky, a feeling I was not familiar with.

It was a horrific battle, me against temptation, to stop kissing this irresistible boy. But I pulled away before desire won. I pushed his chest, carved in muscle, away from me. He didn’t budge, instead he leaned his face toward mine, wanting back my lips.

“Come on, please.” He moaned desperately, his eyes becoming two blue pools of sadness. I began to relax in his arms and thought less of my abusive boyfriend, Robert Glass, who would kill me if he saw me with this beautiful stranger.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”
“Hazel Adele.” I said, while taking quick looks around the room, checking to make sure no one I knew was here.
“I’m Lance. Are you from Magnolia?”His voice was seductive and smooth.
“Yes.” I nodded. Magnolia was my small hometown outside of Seattle.
“I see, baby.” He crooned, resting his head beside mine.
“Who said I was your baby?” I barked, mischievousness twinkling in my dark brown eyes. He hesitated for a moment, seeming to consider the question. “Your eyes-“he said finally, pulling away from me and lifting my chin with his finger.
“They reveal your emotions. You want me.”

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