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Hi, i need help with some homework you just need to fix my misspells :) ok here it comes:

Sultana was a steamboat, it got destroyed at a explosion. This was the worst American disaster at the sea. SS Sultana was constructed at Ohio, and was made of wood. The death toll was at 27 April 1865. 1800 died at this accident, and only 600 passengers survived, including the captain of the ship J.C Mason, even though in histories they always say that the captain will go down with his ship. There were 2400 passengers in all.
The ship had 4 boilers, and three of them exploded, and that's why so many passengers died. Some other vessels tried to rescue them, but they failed they did save 600 but a lot of them died in the hospital, it is said that only 300 survived and could go home again. The rest either died at the accident or at the hospital.

It sank near Memphis, at the Mississippi river. There was so much fire that they could see it at Memphis, even though it was quite far away. Not many know about the ship, because it happened right after Abraham Lincoln assassination. The US government had a contract with SS Sultana, that they had to transport some former prisoners, back to their own home.

Thank you :) i hope someone will help me. fixing my misspells :)


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