Hot water pipe taps in 1st floor ceiling (that is floor of 2nd floor bedroom). when hot water is run.?

The tapping starts out a constant vibrating tap in one spot. After water is off, it continues a tap for about the next hour. Very annoying! At times, the duct work also will vibrate, and runs along the pipes. Water pressure, draining pipes, and even lifting the floor up in one section hasn’t resulted in a fix. We have been told to lift more boards and try putting rubber fitting around some of the pipes, check for a loose washers in spigots,spray foam insulation along pipes (they are copper), among others. Could there be a loose washer in the cold supply valve to the hot water heater? Could a loose washer in a sink cause a tapping about 10 feet away in the middle of a floor? Could loose ductwork cause a tapping pipe when the duct work doesn’t alway make a noise?

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