How can I fix my many house problems by myself?

Ok so I just moved into my own townhouse!! Im so excited!! It’s my first place… but for the past 2 weeks (as long as I have been here) I have seen many problems. I ask the manager and the people who are fixing and remodeling the other town homes for their help… But the totally blow me off. So now I am going to fix it myself… But… I need your help. First thing… My kitchen sink(s) are jacked up!! I tried using my garbage disposal but it leaks on the bottom so I have a bowl under it and just recently when I use it, water starts to come back up on both sides of my sinks!! I use the garbage disposal to drain it again and plug it and then my garbage disposal leaks bad and the other side takes forever to go down but now it won’t and it’s been 2 days adn wont go down.HELP!!!

The other thing that I have no clue how to fix but need to ASAP (cause its 90 in my house as I type this, and my toddlers are sweating bad) is my A/C. I have what I believe is a water heater. You know them heaters you would see in school or maybe church or some old apartments where the vents run along the wall with copper pipes? Well that’s what I have. But the A/C part doesn’t work. I cant afford a window A/C, and I only have 2 box fans, which one is broke thanks to my "angle" putting my nail clippers in it while it was on :-(. So if you know how to fix this and know how to explain these problems as a D.I.Y. project… PLEASE DO!!! Thank you so very much!! You are an awesome person :-)

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