How can people possibly critcise the UK for sinking the Belgrano?

Some people thought it was excessively cruel because the Belgrano was not inside the "total exclusion zone" where Britain declared any Argentine vessel would be attacked. Also, the early reports indicated an even larger loss of life than was really the case. All of this gave the anti-war campaigners more ammunition.


That is a semantic argument. Britain never claimed or implied vessels outside the zone would be exempt from attack. Belgrano was a significant threat to the British fleet and ironically because she was so outdated outside of submarines the ship the RN had no real defense against her. The attack on her was absolutely justified and Capt. Bonzo has even publicly said so. Had HMS Conqueror waited the Belgrano could have eluded her in shallow water and attacked the fleet in San Carlos water.

And afterall, we didnt even want to go to war with them , they forced us into it.

The ultimate effect of the Belgrano sinking was to send the Argentine surface navy back to port for the duration. Only the Type 209 submarine San Luis, which fortunately for the British had fire control problems and missed all 6 ships she fired at.

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