How do I connect a washing machine to bathroom sink? Front or top loading? ?

This apartment does NOT have a "laundry area" with built in pipes in the wall to hook up a washer and dryer.

All we have is a big square area adjacent to the bathroom, but no washing machine pipes or drain connections (And dryers are not permitted here per our lease) All we have is the adjacent bathroom sink, toilet, and tub, and an outlet to plug into the bathroom for electricity.

So, how do I connect a washing machine?, Do we somehow connect it to the bathroom sink?

And does this limit me to only top loading washing machines? Or can I somehow connect a front-loading washer in this way to the bathroom sink faucet?

Plumbing alterations are NOT permitted on the lease, nor hole in wall, or ANY construction etc., But Washing Machines ARE permitted. :)

So can I get a front-loader and connect to bathroom sink?

Can I get a top-loader and connect to bathroom sink?


Note: I know nothing about washing machines, not even how they look in the back (All Ive really used before are the old Japanese mini tiny washing machines)

Thanks ;)
I guess I could use an extension cord to get electricity from one of the bedrooms, maybe? (Instead of using the bathroom outlet)

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