How do I force my landlord to replace a badly chipped kitchen sink?

When I moved into my apartment, one of the first things I noticed and pointed out was an approximate 1/2" rusty chip in the porcelain kitchen sink. The manager said not to worry it will get fixed. After I moved in, it was simply painted with Sink Repair, which was totally ok with me because I’m truly easy to work with. —— 6 months later, the epoxy lifted due to the underlying rust and the repair got a tad bit bigger. Knowing that you have to sand it to shiny metal before the stuff will last, I chose to do it myself rather than to watch the manager make it worse. Now, 7 years later, the chip is 3" X 1" and I finally put my foot down and politely confronted the apartment owner about replacing my sink. However, his answer is one of continued repair even though I showed him a picture of it.
Ok, everyone has bills right? Well my landlord owns 3 apartment complexes with 50 units per each complex. And he is at maximum occupancy. So please don’t tell me that he could not afford a 0 sink replacement. So how do I make him replace it? Please help

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