How do I get over him cheating on me,yet still want to be with him?

Almost a year ago, my boyfriend had cheated on me. I caught him myself. A bunch of friends of ours went out that night to the bar. Yes, we had a few drinks. The minute we walk into the bar he said hi to this girl, they stayed talking while the rest of us had fun. I felt that I shouldnt have to babysit him. Well I put my arm around him a few times, gave him kisses; I had seen this girl before so I thought no harm…right. Well I went outside with my good friend, and she asked me where my man was. We decided to go back inside. No sight of him. The first words from her mouth were, ” oh my gosh, I am so sorry” Intuition led me into him with this other girl outside behind the bar. I freaked out. With a little alcohol I became more than just outraged. Well after my heart sank into the depths of nothingness, I became numb. I stayed with him. Though days passed I still thought about it and I would feel anger and so much more, but now it's like an everyday torture. I still love him. Im lost.


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