how do i get the water to stop?

Ok so I have a leaking kitchen pipe which is the source to the cold sink tap. It’s got worse the past couple of days and filling a large bucket every couple of hours. I’ve turned off the mains water and every tap is running dry except this one?? I can’t afford to get the leak repaired right away so would like to be able to cut the water flow off to stop anymore damage occurring, There are no valves under the sink to turn the water off so I really don’t know what else to do. I have a very large water tank but I have kept this tap on for days trying to dry it out with no success?? I’m losing a lot of water doing this so should i turn the tap off? And how do I get the flow to stop? I’m really confused as the one tap can’t be sourced from somewhere else can it? Please help i’m going through towels pretty quickly!!

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