How do I remove the stains from my sink?

We have an old cast iron sink with a white painted finish. The original paint seems to be in pretty good condition, but it’s horribly stained with God knows what. Does anyone have some good tips on what to use to remove the stains? I was thinking that some form of acid or maybe baking soda. We’re remodeling the kitchen but keeping the sink. Seems silly to beautify everything else and keep a sink that looks like a truck stop utility sink.
After doing a little research, I’ve settled on a few suggestions. Several sources recommended "Barkeeper’s Friend" as an extremely effective cleaning product. Another product recommended was "Revereware" (a paste like substance, usually about – ). Hydrogen Peroxide was mentioned as well as filling the sink with water and bleach and allowing it to soak. Is anyone familiar with these products/methods, or have any thoughts? I don’t typically like to use bleach, but I’m at a loss and we’re on a budget.

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