How do I rough-in a wet bar sink in my basement?

I am finishing my basement and am wanting to install a wet bar eventually which means I need to rough-in plumbing for it. Running the water to the area is easy, it’s the drain I have questions about. The closest drain I could tie into is coming from the kitchen sink upstairs. I need to run it approximately 40 feet in order to tie it to that drain. I’ve read where I would need to slope that pipe 1/4" for every foot, does that sounds correct?

In addition, there is a cleanout on the kitchen sink drain near where I am going to tie it in at (it’s about a foot above the basement floor). Would I need to tie my wetbar drain above or below that cleanout, or does it really matter? If I tie it in below the cleanout that means my wetbar drain wouldn’t have a cleanout anywhere, would I need to put one somewhere?

Finally, as far as venting the sink (which I’m assuming I need to do), I was thinking of just putting in an Air Admittance Valve under the sink, as opposed to trying to tie it in with an existing drain vent. Assuming code here allows the use of an AAV does that sounds like a good idea?

I plan on having all of this inspected but want to get it right the first time around, as I don’t have much plumbing experience. Yes, I could hire someone to do it but I’d rather "learn to fish" and do it myself so next time I’ll know how to do it!

I know it’s a lot of questions but I am really wanting a wet bar and would like to do it myself so any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!

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