How do you get rid of mold from under the kitchen sink?

atleast I think it’s mold… it smells weird

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  1. k h Says:

    Wash everything down with a mixture of bleach and water. Bleach is the only thing that will remove mold.

  2. soccer girl Says:

    it’s probably from a leak…u shud get a plumber to check it out…or one of those mold control people..

  3. eyedeas625 Says:

    Take everything out from under the sink and wash down the area with a solution of bleach and water. You might have a leak if you have mold.

  4. mshonnie Says:

    Mold is usually a blackish green color this is how to identify mold and it usually tends to have a fuzzy appearance to it, you can remove it by using Undiluted White Vinegar pour or wipe on or even spray on some vinegar and scrub the area then wait several hours then when you have done this you can then wash off with hot water and dry with a dry clean cloth but just make sure it is thoroughly dry to retard the moisture buildup again so mold/mildew don’t start to grow again Vinegar will help to retard the growth of mold/mildew clean and deodorize and remove the stain that mildew/mold causes and it will also disinfect the area Good Luck !

  5. justmej Says:

    From experience of working as a mold specialist bleach will not kill all kinds of mold. my suggestion would be call a fire/water restoration company in your area ask them if they do mold jobs, have someone come out to check out your mold growing there. yes its probably from a leak, and moisture in you wall or cabinets. A must do, becoz if you breath this mold it can harm you very much,espically if you have kids around, and this grows into your walls.
    Look into the yellow pages for a Fire/Water Restoration Company near you.

  6. emgeealex Says:

    Fix the leak.

  7. big jack Says:

    First you have to dry it out. then if it,s leaking you have to fix that. then go to a home improvement store like lowe,s and get a gallon of Kilz and paint a good coat of that all around under the sink to stop it from happening again

  8. xenon Says:

    Remove everything including shelves, get a good bright flashlite and ascertain where the water is coming from. Have someone pour a kettle of water over the suspect area, and in that way you will know where it is coming from. Damp smell is ALWAYS caused by water. When repaired then leave doors open every nite.

  9. lennie Says:

    Take 1 cup of white vinegar and 2 cups of water and 1 squirt of dish detergent and scrub the walls and floor of the under the sink. check everything you are putting back, to make sure nothing is wet and moldy.The vinegar contains acid that will help kill the mold and it is also an odor eater.

  10. Genny Says:

    Use bleach.

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