How do you remove a kitchen sprayer hose?

I need to remove the sprayer hose so I can get a new locknut over the hose. Under the sink, I pulled off a little metal clamp and that disconnected the hose from the faucet. However, I now have a (gray) plastic part that has the female end that connected to the faucet that has a hose running to it and also the sprayer hose connected to it. I need to remove the sprayer hose from this part w/out breaking it.
At the end of the sprayer hose, there appears to be a little piece of copper tubing that fits into the gray piece I need to remove it from. It doesn’t appear to screw off and I don’t want to pull it out and break it.
The gray plastic piece is about as big as a long, skinny thumb. The top of the thumb it where I pulled it off of the faucet. The side of the thumb has another hose connected to it. The bottom of the thumb is where the sprayer hose is connected that I need to remove. Hope this makes sense.

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