How is everyone's day going so far?

I got a funny….

A cop was staked out in front of a bar. He had a bad day and was in the mood to ruin somebody's good time. About 15 minutes before closing time, he saw a gentleman stagger out of the bar and lean against the wall for a minute, obviously too drunk to even get to his car. The Cop thought, “This is the one I want. As soon as this guy gets behind the wheel of his car, I'm gonna ruin his day.”

To the cop's dismay, the guy just sank to the ground, trying to catch his breath. “That's O.K., I'm patient. As soon as he gets in the car, he's mine…”

During the wait, all the other people exited the bar, got in their cars, and drove away. By now, the cop wanted this one guy bad for making him wait.

The lights in the bar went out. The guy finally got up, walked slowly to his car, and got in. The Cop immediately hit his lights and pulled the poor guy out into the street.

“I know an alcoholic when I see one,” The cop said. “Take this breathalizer test and I'll get you to a nice cold cell to spend the night”.

The guy took the test. The Cop read the meter.

Blood Alcohol Level —– 0.00

The cop stared at the results. “That's impossible!!! Do it again !!!”

Blood Alcohol Level —– 0.00

“I can't believe it!!!” the cop yelled, “How did you do that???”

The gentleman responded, “Tonight, I'm the Designated Decoy”……


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