How Long Does it take for an Orthopaedic Mattress to Sink?

My Dad bought two new Orthopaedic Mattresses for my bunk beds. Unfortunately they are MASSIVE (9inches tall) and it is hard to use bottom bunk (where I sleep) without smacking your head when you sit up (I am also very claustrophobic and it is scary being so close to the ceiling of my bed), and the mattress on top bunk is almost higher than the safety bar. And I fall out of the bed often.
I was wondering how long it takes for a mattress to shrink to about 6inches (The height of my old mattress).
I can’t tell my dad I don’t like it because they are expensive and we can’t take them back. But I want my old mattresses back…
It’s a wooden bed.
PLEASE tell me they shrink?!

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