How much does it cost to repair a burst pipe in a barn?

This is for my stable management course, so it doesn’t have to be exact, but please within a reasonable range (in other words don’t tell me 5,000 to 30,000).

This is word for word from the assignment:
The pipe in the barn froze and burst….The water line to your barn needs to be dug up and repaired. The repairmen can only isolate the leak within a 15-foot area, so you will have to dig a trench through the whole 15 ft length to find and repair the damage. It appears that the break is in the middle section of the barn.

Some details to my barn is that it is a hard clay soil flooring and the entrance is 12 feet wide, enough to accommodate some modest machinery. I have literally no idea how to go about this or even what type and size pipe would supply the barn. It would have to be big enough to supply water to a wash stall, a toilet and sink, and several water spigots in the barn. Looking online I can only find quotes for homes and this is different since I need to factor in the bigger pipe and cost of the floor being excavated then restored. A timeline as to how long this would take would be appreciated too!

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