How much POWER does HOA have?

I have a friend who owns a unit in a condominium complex. Recently, there was a minimum pipe leakage within the unit inside one of the bathroom. He paid almost K for to repair for the leak (behind the sink). Now, other owners of the community and the management company wants to him to repair more of the pipes, especially under the bathtub which will cost an additional cost of almost K. The HOA is teaming against my friend to force him to repair everything else in the bathroom.

My question is, doesn’t the monthly fee to the HOA supposedly cover the cost? I am also aware if the building is less the 10 years old, BY LAW in the state of California, the contracting constructing company must repair all damages, or risk of being sued. Is there anything my friend can do? He already did what the community wanted, but NOW wants more from him; what can my friend do?

Thank you!!!

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