How much should I charge for a 5 x 5 (25sqr ft) ceramic tile job?

Bathroom, roughly 5 x 5, so 25 sqr ft.
I have to remove the toilet, and sink counter, as well as replace them both, as well as remove the base board and reinstall it. Looks like a couple special cuts, mainly around the toilet. I’ve done tile work at my house before, know my way around everything, but this is a first time thing outside my house. I got the tools needed, and what I’m removing, the original floring, is that roll of tile. I want to factor in gas, for travel, and my car get about 30mpg, and gas here is around .10, with the distance to travel to the job site, and back, being a 62 mile round trip…. Lowes and Home Depot both said about .80 per sqr foot, to LAY tile, not to prep it, as in lay down the mortar… I would never have guessed laying motor would have been a seperte charge. then there’s the grout, cleaning it up, and as I said reinstalling everything… People are planning on buying the motor, grout and tile, I got got everything else covered.. So I’m needing help in what else to factor and possibly any recomended price quotes.

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