How much would it cost to swap out galvanized steel water pipes for PVC?

Looking at my exposed ceiling in the basement, I see two copper pipes coming out of the water heater, one marked in blue (assuming cold) and one in red (hot). These each split between supplying the upstairs and downstairs.
After the split, there are galvanized steel pipes. I get great water pressure downstairs in the utility sink and clothes washer.
Upstairs, pressure to the dishwasher, kitchen sink, and bathroom shower is terrible. It takes about 10 full seconds to fill a pint of water in the kitchen. You can imagine how long it takes to get a sink full of soapy water.
Showers are annoying too with lack of pressure. I’m thinking I’ll bring a plumber in to replace the piping to the upstairs. With a very amateur eye, I see about 10-15 total feet that’d need replacing.
Is replacing it the answer? Or might there be something that could be locally repaired?
Any estimates on cost for this?

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