How much would this home construction/repair cost?

My family and I are looking into purchasing a new home. One of the homes that we have seen with our realtor is in the neighborhood that we want to be in. The home is 5000 square feet, and is 2 story. This home is a foreclosure, and is about a 3rd of the cost of the other homes in this area. The problem with this is that in the 5 years that it has been bank owned (with little or no care) and poor construction has led to some MAJOR problems. First of all this homes construction is EIFS (dryvit) and we have been told that it would have to be removed, and most likely replaced with brick. The roof has also had some holes in it, and there is some water damage on the second floor ceiling in one room, which has actually caused a portion the floor to collapse into the bottom floor in this specific room. Another thing we noticed walking through the second floor of this house is that it is "dipping down" in some ares, it looks as though it is sinking into the bottom floor in a few rooms upstairs. It would also need paint, new flooring, appliances, and fixtures, but I know these are more low cost repairs. So my question is, what would the cost be to do the following: remove the EIFS siding and replace with brick, new roof, water damage repair including the collapsed floor (in one room), and the "sinking floor" in some rooms upstairs.

Here is a picture of the home.

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