How quickly does my landlord have to repair a kitchen pipe if Housing Authority is involved with paying rent?

We have housing and have been in our home for almost 3 years. It’s an older home. Our kitchen pipe has blown off twice at the Hot water. There isn’t a shut off valve under the sink, so we have to rush downstairs and turn off the main supply to the whole house; leaving us with NO water whatsoever! We have children and can’t go without running water. We contacted the Landlord the first time and a relative repaired it.. or so we thought until it blew off again. It is now a Holiday and we have no water or even money to call a plumber to come fix it. Question: How long does our landlord have to repair it (again) being we are on housing assistance and it being a Holiday?
I understand that I have to give them a "Reasonable Time". I am asking about how long that would be. We have Section 8 housing so we have same laws, but enforced more! If our landlord doesn’t follow rules, housing authority will step in!

~So, basically I have to wait 24 hours or so before we have a running toilet? Water to make food?

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