How should I repay my brother for the damage to his outboard motor?

On a family trip this weekend, I wanted to be the cool uncle and I let my brother’s kid drive a small gheenu (modified motorized canoe) from the back of the boat even though I knew he was only allowed to operate it from the electric trolling motor on the front. Of course the gods of irony were watching, and water started coming in the front of the boat because the trolling motor was still down. When I leaned over to pull the motor out of the water, more water rushed in and the boat sank. The kid was fine, I gave him a life jacket immediately and saved most of what was in the boat. We only lost one fishing rod. However when we raised and bailed out the boat, the rear outboard engine (Yamaha, 6hp) wouldn’t start. Having my big brother’s respect is very important to me and I won’t feel right until I’ve done something to fix this. I do have some money, but I don’t know the proper way to do it. I think buying him a whole new engine would be tacky, but I want to give him money not only for the repair but for the devaluation of the engine. Also I’d like to get it fixed without having to bother him too much. Whats the most respectful way of getting this done and easing both our minds? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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