How to close off plumbing?

Our 60-year-old house has an extremely small utility room that houses a washer/dryer, shower stall, sink and toilet. I want to remove the shower/sink/toilet and have just a dedicated laundry room (leaving the house with just 1 bathroom) but I’m not sure if this is something my husband and I can do ourselves or if it would be best to hire a plumber. The reason I ask is because the sink is on the other side of the wall of the shower stall (and when you sit on the toilet, your knees are under the sink!). Because the wall between the shower and the sink share plumbing, I don’t know if we should tackle this project ourselves. If we do it ourselves, what would it cost and how long would it take? On the other hand, if we hired a plumber, what would THAT cost and how long would it take for the plumber to do this? Thanks! =)

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