How to deodorize a bathroom sink?

We have a double sink bathroom. He takes care of his sink area and me.. mine. He’s away on vacation so I thought I’d clean the entire bathroom. I just finished with his sink area and it LOOKS great now, but it STINKS!

With a kitchen sink I’d use baking soda or lemon rind in the disposal…. or even/and ice, but what should/could I use for the bathroom sink. It smells like something died in that area!
Oh and I noticed, from all his clipping, he got the mini drain almost clogged with clippings. i used an old knife to dig out what I could reach, but that thick crusty stuff barely came out. I can’t dig any deeper into the tiny hole.
Any ideas there too?
The "mini" drain is the overflow drain, it’s not something to purposely put things into but I might have to. I’m not sure where it drains into.

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