How to fix a leaking kitchen sink?

I’ve asked this a dozen times and still haven’t worked on my sink, now I’ve lost the info that was sent to me….

My kitchen sink is a double stainless steel sink from the middle 90’s. It is leaking right underneath the sink at the very top where the rubber seals are and where you would put plumber’s putty to seal it up. I think that the putty has worn off and the rubber seals are also corroded and flaking off. I don’t know exactly what I will need to repair this, the leaks are not that bad but as long as it’s been leaking, I may need to repaint underneath the sink. So, I have 3 questions here:

1) What parts are included around the top of a double sink in the area where the rubber seals are ? If someone could tell me the parts that I may need, I can go into home depot and ask them about it. When I wipe around the area at the top of the sink where the seals are, there is a "sludge" type of something that smells horrific. Could it be the old plumber’s putty that is wearing off ? Does anyone know what this is ?

2) Since there is a little bit of mold damage (very slight but I see a little blackness on the walls), isn’t there some kind of special paint that one can buy to paint over such areas after they are cleaned and isn’t clorox the best thing to use to clean these areas ? I believe someone told me that this product for painting is called "Treat", not certain tho….

3) If anyone who answers this has some expertise in pluming, can you tell me how much it may cost to repair what I am talking about. All I know about that is there to be replaced are the seals and plumber’s putty. I’m assuming that these things are going to need replacing because this is where the water is leaking out from. It’s been leaking for a while and I have procrastinated about as long as I can. By the way, isn’t clorox the best thing to use to clean over the black areas ? Does anyone know what a product called "Treat" is ? I was told years ago that this was some type of special paint to paint over areas where a little mold damage may have been but of course it would need cleaning and drying before painting. I’ve never heard of anything called "Treat".

Just for a little additional FYI, the sink has never been clogged up, not even a little bit so the smell can’t be from any type of clog issue. As I stated, the stuff that I wipe off around the tops of the sink looks like "sludge" and smells so horrible. I just want to make sure that I get all of the issues taken care of so please let me know what you know okay !! I had some GREAT answers before when I posted this but I have lost them and cannot find them on Answers either.

Thanks for your assistance, I really appreciate you.


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