How to kill roots that are growing under my house after it was cut down.?

I have a 2200 sq-ft 1 story house. I had two tress, about 2 foot around and 15-25 feet tall that the roots were busting up my floors in my house. They planted them about 6 feet away from the wall. What type of tree, I have no clue. So we had them cut down and the person who cut them down did it 6 inches down and put something that said it would stop it from growing. They didn’t remove the stump because it went underneath the house and the roots might be wrapped around something. They tree hasn’t grown back ever, but did the roots die? It’s been 5 years now and the floors are cracking, we now have tile and it has broke about 8 of them so far. Our walls have moved up an 1 inch, can’t open doors inside because the frame shifted, windows are the same, etc.

I have had 3 foundation repair guys come out with in the last week, 2 say soil expansion, one guy tired to rip me off, not a foundation problem then. Soil expansion makes more sense because all my outgoing sewage lines are right where 80% of all the damage is. Had a plumber come out and we ran the camera all the way from the clean-out to the sewer, and from clean-out through the entire house looking for anything odd.. nothing at all, looks good. did a full pressure test on the incoming water and outgoing (took off all the toilets and plugged the holes, bathtub, shower, sink, the works.. No leaks on either. All good to go.

So we jumped back to the problem, roots, or so I think., I’m pretty sure they are growing because when we look at pictures of the cracks, they seem to be the same area’s as what we have going on now but its hard to tell because we haven’t busted up tiles yet to see. But the floor damage is in the same area.

What can I use to really kill this damn thing if it is still alive? I live in Az and I do not plan on growing anything near the stump. I don’t care if it is round up concentrate, Salt and vinegar, diesel gas, or a small tactical nuke. I just need to kill these roots.

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