How to repair or seal galvanized kitchen drain pipe?

My house was build in the 50s so all plumbing are still galvanized pipes. My kitchen sinks were clogged so I removed the U (trap) pipe to check for any obstructions but there wasn’t any. I then used the snake to clear out the clog from the main drain pipe but the snake would not go pass the elbow pipe (galvanized) which is connected to the galvanized drain pipe, so I removed the elbow pipe and insert the snake into the drain pipe and cleared up any clogs.
My problem is that when I tried to put the elbow pipe back, I noticed that the drain pipe thread is corroded pretty bad and chipped off so I cannot put the elbow pipe back. I tried using plumbing tape and finally able to align what ever threads left and screwed in the elbow pipe really tight and installed the rest of the pipes together. I then turned on the water and it drained the water fine but as I expected, there’s water dripping from the elbow to the drain pipe.
What can I do to stop the leakage? Is there a putty for this or some sort of a sealant to seal the leakage? If there is, can I just use the putty to seal around where the elbow joint the drain pipe?Thank you for your help.

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