How would you handle this?

I’ve been friends with this girl LITERALLY since we’ve been in diapers. We used to hang out every day after pre-school, played sports together up until they stopped being co-ed, went to a few dances as just friends, and still go on an annual trip up to their cabin with our families.

I’m back from college and I just got out of a short and messed up relationship with a girl who I found out had TWO other boyfriends. My friend dumped her boyfriend of 5 years in february. So what do we do to hang out the first time we see each other in months? We both go out to the bars together, for the first time.

We ran into her ex-boyfriend at one bar, which completely ruined her good mood. At the next bar we went to she drank wayy too much and ended up blacking out. I drank quite a bit myself, and while carrying her back into her apartment I finally had a drunken revelation that my friend is actually ridiculously hot. I’d known she was very attractive for some time, but it never really sank in until then.

Now she’s all I can think about. I’m only back in town for another 2 months, and all I can think about is trying to get with my friend of 17 years. What would you do in a situation like this? Should I just try to forget about it and distract myself? I have no idea what to do anymore, I’m probably just being desperate at this point because I just got out of a shitty relationship and I’m such good friends with this girl, but thinking like that doesn’t make these feelings go away.

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