I broke my 2000 Jeep wrangler sport. how broken is this and how easy is it to fix?

my 2000 wrangler sport is completely stock. I was crawling around on a dirt pile on my property a little while ago when i suddenly heard a snap and the jeep sank a little bit. i stopped immediately and looked to see what the problem was. It seems that the sway bar has come off of the sway bar link on the front right hand side of the vehicle. it looks like a ball and socket joint and the ball came out of the socket. i drove home and it looked connected again (i knew it wasnt) so i put a jack under the frame and lifted the front up. sure enough, the sway bar just slid right out of the sway bar link. the other side stays connected. No i do not have sway bar disconnects. like i said before, its completely stock. I was wondering if it is safe to drive on the road (i need to drive to school) it sees speeds of up to 55 mph. 2nd question is how expensive will it be to fix and can i do it myself?
I am looking for serious answers please. I really need to know.

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