I changed the locks on my apartment when the building was in owner-less limbo….take em with me?

Okay heres a short version of the whole thing. We were broken into twice with the second time being a few months after the property defaulted to the bank. This second time the front door knob was damaged beyond repair and the lock that was there when we moved in was damaged to the point the bit that goes into the frame fell off when we opened it. The same for the back door though the ‘deadbolt’ survived. We put in new knobs and deadbolts on both doors. Also angle-iron and oak door block across the back door. WE paid for these locks and are the only ones to have keys (with the exception of my mother in the event that one of us looses our keys we have someone nearby who has a set. After almost a year in ‘we don’t know what the heck is goin on’ position the bank has decided that they are going to maintain ownership of the building and fix up stuff (really it should be condemned but hey if they wanna sink about 20 grand in doing the necessary repairs that’s all them.) My question is…do we take the locks with us? Were looking at buying a house now as it makes no sense to keep living in a derelict and start paying rent for a place with sooo many problems and barely any heat. We take the locks obviously we’d inform the ‘managers’ of the property to come and lock the place up behind us but would we get in trouble for it?
maybe i wasn’t clear but NO ONE was in charge of the property for about 9 months, and if we didn’t put new locks in we’d have NO locks on our doors which would be a big ‘come right on in and take whats left of our stuff at your leisure while were at work earning what we have.

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