I drilled a hole in my bathroom wall and when I tried hammering the light turned on and off!?

I had just painted the bathroom and was trying to hang up new towel bars. I decided to hang this one above the toilet. I drilled the holes, as the instructions said, and pushed the anchors in as far as I could get them. When I tried to hammer them in the rest of the way, the light fixture above the sink shut off. Then I’d hit the wall again, and it would turn back on. (The toilet and the sink and light are on the same wall) What did I do? Is this something easily fixed or do I have to cut a hole in my wall?
The house was built in late 1983.

I tightened the light bulb that flickered (I was actually able to turn it a couple times, so I think it might have been loose), and when I hammered on the anchors, nothing happened. My Dad said that it was probably just the bulb and it’s probably fine.

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