I flooded my bathroom … how do i repair ceiling on the floor under?

I kinda left the sink on while i was taking a shower.. so when i got out my bathroom floor had water everywhere (about an inch of water)
i mopped up the mess with towels but i forgot to wipe inside the cabinets (and that what caused the water to soak through according to my mom) now i’m being screamed at every. single. day.

on the first floor if you look up, the ceiling pretty much dried up but theres 2 creases popping out. kind of like a loong 3-d v shape since the water soaked through and outlined the cabinets shape.

and since my mom loves burdening me soo much, now my parents say that they lost 5 grand in our house’s value T____T
i don’t know if we’re supposed to repair it, paint over it (though u can’t rlly paint over it), or w/e..
does anyone know what i should do? don’t tell me to call a repair man because my parents want to see their ‘options’ before they call them

Thanks.. :)

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