I found a book i wrote back when i was 11 and wanted to know what you guys think?

I found it in my documents while cleaning out my computer. I always wanted to become a writer and i did but i want to know how my start was. Heres the second chapter.

CHAP 2-Home: Adam approached Walnut Street with happiness. He was feeling particularly happy on this day, and couldn’t figure out why. He saw one of his neighbors walking her lab, and he ran to pet it. The lab was named Maximillion, and everyone loved it. It had the biggest brown eyes. It always smelt like fresh flowers, and its fur was never in knots or curls. He smiled at the woman, whose name was Rosaline. She was a middle aged woman who was actually friendly to the kids in the neighborhood. She even brings out fresh baked cookies and milk and leaves them on a table outside her house. “Well Adam, you’ve certainly grown taller over the summer” she said in her old dry voice. “Well you’ve grown older over the summer” Adam joked. In this community it was okay to say jokes and make playful fun about someone. Rosaline threw back her head and hollered out a laugh. She then grabbed his cheeks “Well you’ve become a smart alec”. He laughed and said goodbye. He walked over to his house. His father had a meeting today and his mother didn’t get home until 6pm. He cursed himself when he got to the front mahogany door. He had forgotten his key in his room. But it was fine because his father always left a spare key under a flower pot on his porch. He struggled to lift the flowerpot. When he finally got it up and moved it, a worm squiggled under the pot. He didn’t wish to harm it like most boys. He picked it up and gently put it down in the top of the pot. It buried itself down in to the fertile soil. He grabbed the key and brushed the dirt off of it. He moved the pot back to its original spot. He sunk the key into the door. It opened perfectly because his father had just recently installed the door. He stepped into the quiet house. He kicked off his muddy sneakers. He took the candy bar out of his pocket. He began unwrapping it and called his mother. He talked about how his day was and how her day was still going. He said I love you and hung up. He took a bite of the creamy milk chocolate. He filled his mouth with joy. He decided to do his homework and get it out of the way. He stomped up the stairs carrying his 15pound book bag. The only things he had for homework was to do a 200word essay about how Abraham Lincoln tried to get the Union back together and a…….. he turned into his room, and saw a man sitting in his computer chair looking at him. The man was a young man who had a on a black turtleneck and black sweatpants. Adam dropped his book bag. It landed with a thud on the hardwood floor. The man stood up and was surprisingly tall. He moved towards Adam with a look in his eyes that wasn’t really evil but more of a comforting look. The man had a long slender face. He had on black leather gloves that showed the boniness of his fingers. He stopped 5ft. in front of Adam. Adams bones were frozen but did not want to run away. He could not speak. The man spoke in a soft voice. “I saw you admiring my work”. Adam grew even stiffer, and he knew the man was the man who killed the man this morning. The mans eyes shifted from Adam to his chocolate bar. “Is that chocolate?” Adam still couldn’t speak, but he nodded his head. “May I?”Adam didn’t know what the man wanted but he handed him the chocolate bar. The mans lips touched the bar and his eyes widened. “I haven’t hade chocolate in 10years.” Adams voiced opened and he spoke. “I…I..a….wh..who are you?” The man looked at him puzzled and then he threw the chocolate bar at the wall and grabbed Adam by the arm. The man had a fearsome and strong grip and Adam tried to struggled out. The man turned him around and bent him over on the bed. Adam was afraid that the man might rape him and he shut his eyes tight. Who am I? the man asked. “I am an angel”. Adam knew the man as going to kill him. He said prayers in his head. The man pulled softly at adams hair. “Do you want to be saved”

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