I found my brothers Condoms, what do i do?

We have a double vanity bathroom and i lost my brush this morning and he usually steals it, so i opened up some drawers and then i found a box of condoms. I didn’t look to see if they were open, i don’t think i could of slammed that drawer close fast enough! I was getting ready this morning and my mom came up and i told her that he wasn’t up for school yet, he’s 16. She said that he wasn’t going cuz he was sick, so anyways i go to school and i think. What if he’s staying home to have sex? I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend! So when i get home i call for my brother but he wasn’t home, he went to wrestling practice. I go back to the drawer and the condoms were still there, but this time i pick up the box and two were missing. I know i’m just his sister but i don’t know what to do! He and I both know he is too young for sex! He is only 16, but i don’t know if i should ask him about it, or to go to my parents. If i were to talk to him i don’t know what i would say. Any advise on what to do? Please help!

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