I got drunk and ended up in hospital?

Yesterday was the Annual Welsh Varsity. It’s basically Swansea vs Cardiff in a whole range of sports which culminates in a rugby match at the Millenium stadium with Swansea vs Cardiff. Naturally we won and thrashed Cardiff. After we got home 2 of my friends decided they didn’t wanna go out after all, so they gave me both their tickets and i just went.

Originally i planned to go for one drink in a bar and then finish off in a club. However bars were opened for longer than usual so i just stayed there and got really hammered. I must’ve spent about £30 on drinks. £7 on two drinks in Revs, and the rest were Firebombs and Jaegerbombs. I got thrown out of Revs for virtually poassing out in the sink and then hit the club. I was in there for maybe 10 minutes before i just gave in and decided to go home. I don’t remember much about the cab ride home. I got into my flat and just passed out on someone’s door.

I was dragged into the ktichen and proceeded to throw up all over myself on the kitchen floor. My tongue had to be removed from my mouth to prevent me from choking. An ambulance arrived and i was taken to A&E. The paramedics pricked my finger to check blood glucose, put a weird thing on my thumb to take my stats and also had these weird pad things o both my arms and legs.

I think they were glued on with jelly or something i’m not sure what they were. Anyway my shirt was ripped and i was given blankets. I got a cab ride home at 6:45 which cost me £20.

I woke up in the afternoon. When i got back after my lecture my flatmate posted a pic of me on facebook and i asked him about it and they started abusing me saying i was an ungrateful piece of ****. I just barely got into the flat and tbf i hadn’t thought of apologising to them. After the abuse i went into my room for 5 mins and then got them all into the kitchen and than apologised and thanked them for it.

Everything was cool after that and it was as if nothing ever happened.
I’m still in shock after last night and the abuse i recieved from them. I also feel like **** and haven’t eaten all day as my gullet and stomach and mouth just feel like they’re on fire. Anyway i’m just a little scared and anxious right now.

TLR Went out last night, spent almost £60 half of that on drinks and ended up in ended up in A&E, virtually half dead. Got abused by my flatmates and just spent the whole day feeling bad. I’m on Citalopram so that didn’t help.

What should i do now? I’m a little nervous around my flatmates after them seeing me in that state as they now give me dodgy looks.
Also do they hate me or view me as a disgrace? When i got up they stuck the pic on my door and one of em called me a ****ing disgrace.

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