I had a dream i went on a date with a girl who isnt my gf?

like the question says.. i had a dream of going on a date with a girl who i know..

the history behind me and her is.. we’ve known each other for a while.. and i think shes absolutely gorgeous.. i like everything about her.. it hurt not to be able to be with her.. she set my bar for what i look for in a person! .. after i while it finally sunk in that we’ll never be togeteher.. and ive accepted that.. and moved on.. im now dating another girl and we had an arguement..

it was settled a few days ago but last night i had a dream that we we chillin at her house.. then we went out to a carnival.. instead of walking around the game section .. we were in a tea cup lol..

my moms dream book said my gf will foresake me..

i just wanna know your personal opionion..

dont type anything stupid.. i really wanna know what this means..thx

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