I have a drain problem in my downstairs bar sink. The toilets, shower, sink in the bathroom all drain fine.?

I noticed this afternoon that the bar sink which is in the living room started to drip. I happened to have a bucket underneath it because we recently had to put in new pipes down by the street. But for some reason, it started dripping.

I took a plunger and gave it a good few pumps, and it stopped for a while, then it started back up. I put some draino in it, but it didn’t seem to work. I gave the plunger a few more pumps and now it seems to be ok.

I went into the garage and saw water from an open pipe that had like 1 drain it looked like from the sink i’m referring to, and another pipe going into it from the open portion. The other pipe is connected to the giant furnace/water tank area. I flushed the toilets in all other bathrooms and ran the sinks, and no water is leaking into the garage.

I’m not sure what to think, the water must have come from when I tried to plunger it, but why would it be doing this in the first place?


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