I have cheated on my bf, he has forgiven me for it but would he ever be able to recover?

I have been with my bf for four years and it has not been easy we lived together for Three. i know when we first got together we were both young and immature and he loves to drink and off and on with jobs. but i have always had a job knowing there are bills to be paid. during the first three years i he had a problem of claiming me as a gf and i always caught him flirting with girls. when he did drink he would binge and disappear for days which gave me the intensions that he might be cheating and he lies about the dumbest things sometimes. so last year in sept on our anniversary and his birthday we threw a party but we ended up 2 the bar but he forgot his idea so i went back to the house to get him his id and when i got back to the bar he’s kissing his chick. i saw that and my heart sank. seeing that i wouldnt know what he have done when i wasnt around he said he was blacked out from being drunk and that he didnt remember doing that. but i found out that he had continue texting her the entire week after. thats where it came down to the question. i know two wrong dont make a right i thought i wasnt able to move passed that and had cheated on him. i feel horrible for even stooping to that level. he found out and and became really depress and said he done alot of dumb shit but never cheated on me he said he forgiven me but it seems that i still hear it and hear it more and worst when he has been drinking. would he actually be able to forgive me and move on?

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