I keep asking NOSE PIERCING questions. sorry?

any way, i don’t know whan a nose infection looks like, besides the gross bump. but my nose stud looks like its sinking in :(and when i push it out (not all the way out) and push it kinda to the side, it looks like top 2 layers of my skin looks pink and wet. and it looks bigger than the actual hole it got pierced with, also, this was 2 days ago. its sore when i touch it, (but not that sore). on the inside, it looks normal. but im thinking its an infection. last year i double pierced my own ears (which is dumb of me) and they got infected and kinda sunk in.
I got my nose done professionally and NOT with a gun.
and also, we live in a small town, and we cant really find the sea salt stuff. So what other substitutes can i use???

Can i use peroxide or nail polish remover or hand sanitizer or nose spray or just a regular bar of hand soap.. PLZ HELP :)

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