I met this girl at the airport last yr, we hit it off,& I still think about her. Is that ok (plz read details)?

We sit together on the flight from London to Bahrain for 7 hrs, & then spend a 6 hour layover at Bahrain airport before going our different ways. We share our darkest secrets: our histories with different substances, problems with family in the past. She tells me about her ex she got pregnant with & had a miscarriage. I’ve never been as open with someone in my life, & I doubt she has either. We go to Bahrain airport, & people are staring at us. We smoke cigarettes, talk, do a few fun things, & then watch the Spain Holland final in an Irish bar.

We’re holding hands here. We buy some drinks, smoke some more & enjoy the game. My next flight is about to leave, & I feel my heart sink, but I have to say goodbye. I buy her a present from a store, & she hugs me tight 3 times & pecks me on the cheek 3 times. We exchange phone numbers, email addresses, add each on fb. She’s the coolest person I know, & I just love having her presence as a friend. I’ve never known anyone like her who reminds me of me. I just miss her. She wasn’t perfect, and neither am I; but the moments we shared were.

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